Zoeva love

I’ve never thought that I will say – I’m addiction to eyeshadow palette. But this time, I can’t say anything more. I remember, how much I wanted to have their palette, but also I was sceptic – 90 zloty for just eyeshadow… to much for me… but… when the first palette I received as a gift for Christmas – it was it. I fell in love in their package, colours. The Basic moment – is perfect for daily and natural look. I like the soft colours, and it’s all about me. or should I said – it was about me – I liked natural, light colour – basic baige, brown. No make up look still is my favourite trend. I used this palette almost everyday.

Embrace the beauty of the now with our imperishably contemporary ZOEVA BASIC MOMENT EYESHADOW PALETTE, revealing a harmony of eternally beautiful eyeshadow colors. From innocent white over basic hues of beige and grey to glorious gold, the exquisite collection unveils a nostalgic yet modern selection of highly pigmented classic shades for timeless looks and the memorable moments in life.

That’s true – this quote tell all about this palette – for me it’s the best option for every girl, especially for every beauty addict. The truth is that I’m using every single colour, which is probably something unusually, because sometimes when you buy a palette, mostly using only just a few colours. But not this time…

So when I saw the sale on one of my favourite site, I knew that I have to buy something. This time, I thought it’s time to try something new, so I decided to buy Matte Palette…

„Inspired by the calmness and beauty of a night stroll through the silent streets of a sleeping city, the ZOEVA Matte Eyeshadow Palette reveals a versatile range of mysteriously moody matte shades. Far from buzzing boulevards and bright neon lights, the highly pigmented and easy to blend shadows recall the dimmed lighting and melancholic atmosphere of a vibrant metropolis from dusk till dawn. With shades ranging from misty beige and gloomy brown to deep burgundy and muted red, create timelessly elegant, cosmopolitan makeup looks.”


Colours as you can see, are different that normally I’m wearing, and are opposite to the Basic Moment. But I thought – why not! Even my sister asked me – are you sure, that it’s a good decision? You will use all colours? I wasn’t sure… but my answers at the moment is – YES! I really love this colours, and I’m using all of them. Every day, more than Basic Moment actually… I like the warm and now very popular shades, still is very natural look and now I’m looking a good makeup tutorial, which show me how use this combo properly. Because you know, that I’m not a guru of makeup up.

So what do you think?

Do you like the palette, and tell me which one is you favourite, and maybe you have a different palette from ZOEVA, and would love to recommended to me? I’m sure, that this two aren’t my last… and now I would love to check all their products… maybe this time I’ll buy lipsticks? Or brushes….


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