We are invited: gifts edition


Firstly, sorry for this text – I’m too tired to think, write or just sit on the chair. I’m feeling like a shit – seriously. I worked 6 days for more than 8 hours, then spent mostly my free time on the road. And the final of my long, and tough week was a party. I went to hotel at 3 am, slept only 4 hours, so it’s the reason why I’m felling like this. Plus, I can’t go to sleep at the moment, I have a lots things to do, and the weather is so great, so I would like to go to sunbath for awhile. So keep the fingers!

Meantime, today’s post still is about wedding. I have a great news – I found a dress! Can’t be more excited – I went to one store, then found this dress – it was my first choice, and it’s perfect. But, today I would like to talk about gifts. Must say – I have an easy task – because I have a note on both invitation, what they want to get. So it’s time for a little wishlist. Maybe you know something more about this propositions, so please let me know if they are worth.

Have a nice day, and keep your fingers, because today we would like to take a few pictures of my new look. So see you in next post!


  1. Simply Nigela 2. pronto!: let’s cook italian in 20 minutes(gino d’acampo) 3.Przepisy na szczęście. Qmam kasze 2(maia sobczak) 4. Family Superfood(Jamie Oliver) 5. Make Cooking Easier. Przepisy na cztery pory roku(zosia cudny)

  1. world map to pin 2. lingerie (recommended to you a store – adoreme) 3. personalized movie poster 4. notebook for creative 5. personalized decanter and glasses

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