Too much… I think


What’s up? Hope you have a great weekend. Anyway, it’s July – hopefully, this month won’t be crazy as the previous one, which was spontanous, but I must say, that I like it, when I don’t have to plan anything – of course in my personal life. I did a plan for this month to the blog – new posts will be regulary, so hope you’ll like it.

Back to the topic – today post is all about my addiction to lipsticks. One day I realized that I have too much… I think… and at the moment I’m using only one! Not impressive, when you have already 24 plus protective lip balm. Actually I have a good excuse, as you already know, I’m working at the drugstore – where I have to have everything exactly described, of course only the products which you can find in my store. So… I don’t want to go out somewhere, and show to everyone a huge signature of my manager. Too many questions…
Mostly I’m using the rest lipsticks when I’m go out, or just for photoshooting. Then… sometimes is one of the strongest accent of the look.

Have a look closer to my collection…

I don’t have too much to say of my lip protection. I have two natural products – Nacomi lip balm „Love Grenade” and Sylveco scrub which I’m using before matte lipsticks. When I need a strong hydration, I’m using Carmex. Classic and Lime twist version are my favourite. Now are my savior when I’m sick.


It’s my matte collection. I’m a huge fan of NYX, the first one (Rome) is my second package, this color is my fav! Cannes & Sao Paulo are great for work, because aren’t strong enough, are more natural. Revlon – smell amazing and is delicious, plus it stays on the lips for a long time. Last three are perfect for a date. L’oreal (407) & Bourjois (07,08) are the best decision.


Time for this 5. Which the swatches aren’t propely. Anyway, the P2 (deep grape) is dark with glitter but looks amazing on the lips. Another lip gloss from P2 is limited edition, in a strong fuchsia color. The red lip chubby is matte and very practical. My secret (04) is my fav – is the strongest lipstick which I have in my collection. I can drink, I can eat and it still on my lip. High recommended! Bourjois lip gloss is just a nice, natural color for a lazy days.

the last part… Catrice (050) Chrome edition purple with blue – I love it! i don’t look like a vamp! Huge plus. Maxfactor (755 & 715) the first one, is my queen at the moment, P2 (180) shine edition and my only one. MakeupRevolution (Propoganda) & New Look (69) are old but still waiting for special ocassion. NYX (Minimalism) is very creamy and perfect for no make up look, Rimmel (016 &058) another old lipsticks which are already empty. Nabla (ombre rose) I like this package, is small and perfect for a mini bag, Gosh (165) strong, and perfect color. My favourite, actually. The last one, another from limited edition – Essence winter edition 02 smell like rasberry, and it’s a nice natural color.

That’s it, for today… Hope you like it, and tell me which one is your favourite, maybe you have any of my collection. Let me know, and see you in next post….

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