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How are you? I’m back from my short holiday, and for the first time this year, I’m sick. So I’m not happy with that, however summer is here, and I decided to do a quick post about summer dresses. I must buy one or two this year, so It’s the best way to show you, what’s goin’ on. Hope you will like it, and let me know which one is your favourite… let’s go…


This option is good, when you have to work all summer. It’s perfect for any occasion actually, especially for office time. The best thing in 2 item set is, that you can combine a skirt/top with something different, and everyday you can look stylish. Also – the strips are on the top this year, so another good news.  

White dress for me is the essential of summer wardrobe. It’s perfect for hot days, and any occasion. This look reminds me of summer dates, where you want to look feminine, and classy at the same moment.

The clasic look for summer, especially when you’re boho soul. This sandals for me are the best! Are very comfy, and look perfect for any daily look. Anyway, this look is perfect for summer expedition. Probably, on my shopping cart, you can find this kind of dress.

So what do you think? Which dress stole your heart?

If you’re interested, check the links :

striped dress // lace dress // spanish dress 

still are avaible on the zaful store and good news is that you can use this coupon to get discount



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