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It’s sunday, another day off to me, and must confess that I like working on sunday here, on the blog. I have more energy and I think it will be my routine. First – comment your blogs, and then working here on the new posts which will be this week. I have a lot things to show you, and hope you’ll like it, and will you back to comment 🙂 I would love to back to the begining.

Anyway, as usually, on sunday it’s time for my beauty post. This time, I decided to show you my daily skin routine, some of my friends/customers ask me – what do you use, that you have a good skin? As always, my answer is – I was young, and stupid and used mud masks, the mud I found in the yard. Yep, I had very interesting childhood. But the truth is, that my mum and her family have a nice genes, because last week when we had a family weekend, I saw my aunties and they also have a nice skin. Trust me, my mum never used the masks or gel to wash her face. Just water, and cream and I’ve never saw any pimple. Jealousy!

Back to the topic, here is my day routine:

Firstly, as I have a tattoo, I have to use the sun protection, I bought this one on promotion, and even I read somewhere, that the ingredients aren’t good, I like this one, the smell, consistency. Also I need something that is quickly absorbed. For my clean skin- I’m using the Alma K – I bought this Foaming Sponge in drugstore – was recommended as a product for face, and now I’m reading that this product is for body! Thanks God, I bought this product in a good prize, not for 40 zloty! Trust me – if you want to buy a product recommended at the checkout in the drugstore, think about whether the saleswoman is saying the truth, in 90% the words what they say is marketing slogans, I know what I’m saying. So now I think, I have to change the product to clean my face. The next step is a cream – I have very dry skin, and it’s the reason why I’m using the Body Shop mist with Viatmin E. I’m using this mist for all day, especially when I’m at work, the air conditioning isn’t my best friend. And for a cream, I’m using Nacomi normalizing cream. it’s a good option for summer, when is hot. Not for winter – because my skin isn’t hydrated. One more time, I bought this one because my co-worker recommended to me this product like the best cream for dry skin. Plus, the prize was great, I bought this cream just for 10 zloty.

The last products – as I told you, I have dry skin, so I need to use a lots hands creams, so this one I bought in UK, it’s the good option because it’s small and I can have it all the time with me., Even I’m wearing a mini bag. The perfume are from Next, the scent is amazing, very fresh and at the moment is my favourite.

Night routine

The same, hand cream all the time, plus for my makeup removal I’m using micellar water from Mixa plus Rose Tonic from Evree, this time I bought this huge micellar water and well… it’s not perfect but is ok. The skin isn’t dry and drawn. The tonic is very popular in Poland, but I don’t convinced that I’ll buy this product one more time. For night cream I’m using the Nivea Soft cream from they new line – mix me – even I heard that Nivea cream isn’t good for skin, I like it! The smell is amazing, and the skin is hydrated. For eye – I’m using Ziaja Goat milk cream – the truth is that i’m not consistent and it’s hard to say if this cream works, because I’m not regular with this one. For my body – at the moment I’m using the perfume balm which I received at work, even I’m not a huge fan of they perfume, this balm is nice.

I think that’s all…

The final result? or should I say – the moral is that you think twice if you want to buy something like is recommened by saleswoman at drugstore. You don’t know if they have any knowlege about this product, or it’s just a the competition product that they have to sell.


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