#ontheroad: Tricity, Poland


How are you? Hope that you remember me, I know… the last post was long time ago, but the truth is that… I decided to quit my job, I wasn’t happy there, and it was the last time when I could do this, and now I have to find the new one, but it’s not too easy, because I don’t know what I want to do. Still, I would love to work with people, even it’s not easy, I like to work with them. But I don’t know if be a shop assistant is for me, yes I like this job but I think I have to start to work of more stable hours. The truth is that I don’t have personal life as much as I want to have. So it’s the reason why I didn’t blogging, because I had to think about this decision. Plus, now I have holiday – I know, for the third time this year, but this time, I decided to see more Poland. But also I was on the beach, when I checked the airlines offers, I found the great price for 4 days trip to Gdansk, so I bought the tickets and now I would love to show you some of the pictures which I took, don’t worry, it will be a short post, not too big. Because I know, that you’ll be bored. But I decided to show you 2 post from this trip, first it’s all about pictures, and the second one is all about my advices. It’s the same, as I did 2 years ago about my trip to Torun.

Hope you will like it, and see you in next post. Plus, I had a good news – on last weekend I worked with Paulina, so soon I will show you more ootd posts so stay tuned and see you later!


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