#ontheroad: Góry Bardzkie


Firstly, thank you so much for your lovely comments in previous post. I’m so happy, that you like my photos, probably it’s a reason, that today’s post is with more pictures. Must confess, that I love take a photos, catch a moments. Plus, I love to travel! When my sister wrote to me, if I would like to go to an one day trip – my answer was YES! I packed my bag, took comfy sneakers, and was ready… I spent great time, in mountains, with family. I needed it! A day like this, when I could enjoy a nature.

Hopefully you’ll like the photos from beautiful towns: Srebrna Góra & Kłodzko. Two small towns, but very beautiful and charming. Perfect for holidays. See for yourself…

See you soon!! Now I’m planning next trip:)

3 thoughts on “#ontheroad: Góry Bardzkie”

  1. Ale piękne zdjęcia i wspaniała architektura 🙂 Dzięki za odpowiedź, koniec końców wybrałam jednak HTC bo bardziej mi się opłacało niż LG 🙂

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