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How’s your day? It’s a lovely, sunny sunday and can’t be more excited. Firstly, finally I found a perfect dress for one special party, soon I’ll show you the look, however I have to wait for sandals. So stay tuned, secondly – I have day off, and it’s time for me, and my blog. Decided to say hi – with this beauty post, more precisley with eyeshadow brushes from zaful.

I like to have a lots brushes, I don’t need to clean them every day, because I can use everyday new one. So it was the reason why I ordered this set, with 6 eyeshadows brushes. Especially that I have to have makeup when I am at work.

The brushes aren’t soft, the minus is that in this set we can’t find a blending brushes which is more practical. Need to use them all, to say more details. But first impression is quite good, also the prize is affordable. Plus – on the photo you can see new bronzer & blush – both are in a new edition of liferiabox, and a sample of BB cream from the polish brand Sylveco.

That’s all for today, see you soon, with the new look.


Have a nice day!

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