Look #194


 The truth is that I don’t know what should I say at first. One more time – I’m so sorry? I think, this word isn’t good enough at the moment. The last post was on March, and yep – I can say a lots about this moment when I was offline, but the truth is that I needed this time to myself. I thought about blog, if still I should write this blog, is there any sense. Of course I could have instagram, as you probably know, I’m there more often, but for me isn’t enough. I like writing, I like show you my daily look, my point of fashion, beauty. Still is one of my big hobbies so far. So I decided to stay… I can’t promise that I’ll be here a few times at week, but I will try to back to my normal schedule, where you could read/see a few posts a month. I truly want to back to that time, when everything inspiring me. When I wanted to share with you with everything, but now I would like to know which category do you like the most, and you want read about it. So if you have a few seconds, please read a questionare on the right, your answers would be truly helpful to me.

Now, I think it’s time to show you one of my favourite look at the moment, it’s perfect for summer, and finally I have my own, summer hat, but let me know what you think. Do you like this combo?

Have a nice day! And see you soon!

sandals, sunglasses – primark; pants – dorothy perkins; top – new look; bag – zalando; hat – parfois

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