I’m back again. As the tough month for me is over, I’m ready for a new adventure in July. Yeap, still I’m working – my holiday are planning for October, but who cares! The good news is, that this month I have more first shifts, so more time for me and my personal projects.

Meantime, today’s post is about my instamoments, plus I decided to talk about how I edit my instagram photos. If you follow me for awhile there, you should know that my photos wasn’t good. I took a photo, and that’s all. So the good lesson for me was a lecture, I read a lots posts about this topic, and it was a time, when I found out that I’m a mess. Still my photos aren’t perfect, but I’m on the right track.

Firstly – I’m using two different phones – LG G4C and Iphone s4. Why two? Because Iphone if for my daily routine – I’m connected with everyone. It’s easy to take a photos,  or to catch a moment. The another one is as a replacement for camera, because still I don’t have it a proper model. If you have any advice, which model of camera is the best – please tell me. I’m would be greatful… back to the topic – phone is not enough. The next step for me is a free app called VSCOcam – has a lots different filters – but I’m using only a few (also are for free) – HB & A – are my favourites, and mostly my photos has this filter as you probably can see on my #instamoments posts. For me both filter look more professional, and I think my timeline looks better.

Another tip – mostly my photos which I’ll publish here has been taken by my phone, and edit, so, about 97% of my photos are taken during daylight hours because trying to edit a night time photo to look cute and bright is a freakin’ nightmare.

That’s all – it’s not a top secret tips, but I would love to hear about your tips for instamoments. Feel free to write below your advice. This post was inspired by Aura Frame, a new digital picture frame that pulls photos right from your phone! Feel free to visit their site.


Have a nice day, and see you soon!

5 thoughts on “#instamoments”

  1. A jak ten LG daje radę? Chcę zmienić telefon, a HTC te nowe u nas nie są dostępne lub mają mega wysokie ceny (w Niemczech za 2/3 naszej kwoty mogę go nabyć jednak nie po drodze mi ostatnio Schwedt), a widziałam że ten LG niby jest dobry i swego czasu był na niego spory boom 🙂

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