The truth is that I forgot how to write a beauty post, the last post about this topic was two months ago. It’s horrible! Anyway, I did a big beauty haul, so I decided to show you what’s new in my bag. I told you a few months ago about Liferia box, so mostly the products are from the box, plus a few I bought in my work. So let’s go…

  1. dermopharma+: mouisturazing&refreshing hydrogel patches – I know this brand, I told you once about their cleansing mask , so I’m really curious about this one. Maybe today is a good day, to check this mask.
  2. idea toscana natural shampoo (travel size) – I’ve never heard about this brand, but I like that the size is small, my first opinion – the smell is not pleasant, I think it’s the reason why sometimes natural cosmetics are not my favourite.
  3. biały jeleń: face foam – I used a face cream, and micelar water from this brand, and I truly love it. So when this foam cost only 4 zloty I knew that I had to buy it. But I need to finish my face gel from Bandi, then I’ll tell you more about this product.
  4. Shikioriori Tsubaki shampoo for dry and demaged hair – well, the bottle is big, but I bought it, because it was one of the product which I should recommended to others, I’m the person who mostly recommended a products that I know, now you know why I needed to buy it. Plus, the smell is amazing.
  5. rimmel eyeshadow brushes – super soft, and blending good. I have a lots brushes, but this will be one of my favourite.
  6. 2 nails polish: P2 & CATRICE – I needed a change, so I bought this two colours – for the first time it’s not a red! plus, I like the pink one from Catrice, I think this series will be my favourite, because they are permanently as they said.
  7. lab 5033 body scrub – with dead seal mineral plus vitamine C. when I saw this package for the first time, I thought it’s a swiss brand, but I’m wrong. It’s english brand. At the moment I can tell you, that I don’t like the smell, but I need to use it properly.
  8. la petit marseillals shower gel, my first one, but I like the smell and size. Personally, I think that this is the best.
  9. skin drench night face cream – my first cream for night, and my favorite product in liferia box. My skin is super hydrated, soft. Also I like that the cream is super light, and has a delicate smell.
  10. P2 lipsgloss bohemian tropics edition: treasure of fuchsia plus nabla matt lipstic – ombre rose: two colours which I like the most, plus the nabla lipstic even it’s matt, the lips doesn’t dry.

I think that’s all for today’s post. If you are curious about a particular product, tell me. I will do a properly review, special for you. Or maybe, you know something about this products, so tell me more! 🙂

Happy sunday, and see you soon!

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