It’s Monday, I spent a lovely day at home (on Friday I asked: where the summer is? And now we have only 32 degree), anyway it’s time for a new post, my instamoments, even this month was hmm… a little bit depressing. So I decided to take a time for myself. Last year it was a good decision, so I’ll back on September, hopefully – with new ideas, new posts and new energy. Of course, I’ll read yours blogs, watch vlogs. Plus you can follow me via instagram, I can’t live without this app.

Also you can write, what kind of posts do you like the most. I would love to hear it, and will try to focus on this topics, because I know that this blog is still online, thanks to you. I’m glad that you like to read my posts, and I would love to show you real me, mostly on my daily looks.

Now it’s time to say – see you soon! And wish me good luck, because this month will be a long, and tough.

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